Humans have always been deeply connected to nature. We belong to nature. We thrive by interacting with plants, animals and all living things. 

Mamita Botanical’s products are made from natural mediterranean ingredients such as olive oil, rosemary, lavender, and achiote (from the Amazonian region). These are blended with carefully selected, handpicked plants, as well as essential oils of multiple aromas, colours and textures. Handmade products, developed far away from factories, made with care and tenderness and never tested on animals.

In 2012, Eli, Mamita's founder, set out on a long journey through Latin America, where she discovered her deep connection with nature. She settled down in the countryside, taking the time to contemplate the cycles of nature and how the earth and humans connect. There, Eli began her first atelier. She single handedly began a very modest production. This is where Mamita Botanical was born. It blossomed in to a line of conscientiously created, natural cosmetics, made with great affection, by a woman who both loves and understands nature.

In time, Eli returned to her home, Barcelona, where her fresh and ecological cosmetics project, found its place in the market. The products established a connection between Latin America and the Mediterranean, using ancient wisdom that both cultures have passed down, through many generations.

Mamita Botanical creates products that stay true to the ethical principles of the brand; ’Our skin is linked to our emotions and is a reflection of how we feel in ourselves.’ Mamita Botanical products create a balance between our bodies’ interior and exterior and connect us to the natural beauty of our planet.